Israeli technology at CES could help quench Southern Nevada's growing thirst


Some of the new technology on display at CES continues to amaze, and meet some special needs for Southern Nevada.

Watergen is marketing technology that extracts the humidity in the air to generate pure drinking water. Watergen says the device will even work in the dry desert climate of Southern Nevada.

“We developed a specially patented heat exchange that when they air comes inside the heat exchange it cools the air and separates the humidity,” said Watergen spokesman Michael Rutman. "Then, the humidity is extracted and cooled so it can be dispensed from several different devices including one that closely resembles a household water cooler,"

Watergen even had one of its high volume devices on hand at the Burning Man Festival last summer.

The concept began with the need to provide fresh water to the Israeli Army.

“Eventually, we understood that the army was only a small thing, but that humanity needs fresh drinking water," said Rutman,

Watergen says the household size version of this product will be on the market across the US this coming fall for about $1500.

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