'It was crazy': Barricade truck stolen in daring crime caught on camera

This man stole a MOB work truck briefly before realizing he had been caught on camera. (Image Courtesy MOB)

It was an incredible heist that could put one man behind bars.

A thief helped himself Sunday morning, Dec. 9, to a 24-foot barricade truck near Charleston Boulevard and Durango Drive.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department hopes a video from inside the truck could help make an arrest.

Jose Ferrero was just doing his job on Sunday as a truck driver for Masters of Barricades, or MOB, a North Las Vegas company that does traffic control by placing cones and signs for projects and events across the valley.

Ferrero was said he was setting up cones for a Cox cable job.

"I started walking back to my truck, and that's when I noticed the truck taking off," Ferrero said. "At first, I kind of thought it was sort of like a dream. Like hey, is this really happening?" Ferrero said.

The truck thief was on the move, and the whole thing was caught by three cameras on the truck.

"I just thought is was crazy, how someone can hop in a truck and drive away and not think anything of it," Ferrero explained.

Scot Palmer, director of operations at MOB, watched the video, and several things stood out to him.

"It's very alarming. The individual has no concern with anyone else's life. When he hops in the truck, he actually takes his hand and pulls his hand inside of his sleeve and uses his sleeve to cover his fingers, so he can put the truck in drive," Palmer said.

Yet, the thief's face had already been caught by the cameras.

"Then he starts driving. He notices his picture on the TV monitor in the truck, and he pushes that out of the way, thinking that's going to stop it from recording him," Palmer said.

The joy ride lasted less than two minutes, and at the end, the thief took Ferrero's bag and ditched the truck not far from where he took it.

MOB got the truck back quickly because Ferrero was able to flag down a police officer.

"My concern is if he hopped into our truck this easily, that he's going to hop into any other vehicle that's out there running," Palmer said.

Ferrero is hoping police catch the bad guy after the daring crime he won't forget.

"I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, watching my surroundings," Ferrero explained.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the video is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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