Jimmy Kimmel stumps for Nevada Democrats, Donald Trump Jr. for Nevada Republicans

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With the midterm election less than a week away, Democrats and Republicans in Nevada both held “Get Out the Vote” rallies, with big names headlining the evenings.

The Democrats held a rally on First Friday, with two local stars: Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the band “The Killers,” and late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Flowers is from Henderson, Kimmel spent much of his childhood in Las Vegas.

“I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t pitch in and help,” Kimmel said.

The two of them encouraged everyone at the rally to vote blue.

“I hope you will vote on Tuesday, and I hope you will make sure your friends and your family and your neighbors all get out there and vote on Tuesday, if not sooner, and I hope that you vote for Jacky Rosen,” Kimmel said to the crowd.

Across town at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country, Republicans looked to Donald Trump, Jr., to garner more support for the GOP ticket. Speaking to the crowd, he encouraged everyone there to vote red.

“America is back,” Trump Jr. said. “But my father can’t do this alone. He needs guys like Danny [Tarkanian] in the House, he needs guys like Adam Laxalt in the governorships, he needs guys like Dean Heller in the Senate.”

Trump Jr. also stressed the importance of every vote in such a close election.

“I don’t want to wake up on Wednesday morning next week and say, man I wish we did one more rally, man I wish we made one more phone call, man I wish I dragged one more person,” he said. “Because that’s how tight it can be.”

While Kimmel stumped for the Democrats, he says that regardless of political ideology and party, he’d like to see all Americans vote.

“I would love to see every person in this country vote. Even if they don’t vote the way I want them to, I want everybody to get out and vote,” Kimmel said. “I want people to be aware of what’s going on. I think if people were paying attention, they would be much more motivated to vote.”

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