JT McWilliams Elementary School, home of the Jets, cheers for the Golden Knights


It is gameday for the Vegas Golden Knights.

After winning game two in Winnipeg on Monday, the Knights look to carry that momentum into Game 3 on Wednesday.

The momentum has even carried over inside all of the classrooms at JT McWilliams Elementary School. The familiar logo and chant of the Vegas Golden Knights, taking over campus: "Go Knights Go!"

Even 7-year-old Dallas Koop can explain the attraction of hockey.

“My dad liked it. I thought it was boring until I watched a few games, and then I liked it," Dallas said.

But at this school, the current series against the Winnipeg Jets is taking on special significance.

Turns out JT McWilliams, home of the Jets, is cheering for the Knights.

“Everyone is super excited and dressed up," said counselor Shannon Bruno. "We are having contests. The class that has the most students dressed up gets special pictures and prizes."

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Bruno says "Knight Fever" spread quickly among the school's staff and students, just as it has all over the valley.

With all due respect to "West Side Story," when you are a Jet, you are a Jet, except on game day in Las Vegas.

Over at the Knights' practice, players were having a little fun with the school's predicament.

"Change your mascot,” offered Vegas right winger Ryan Reaves.

“Okay, have fun with it. It is going to be a fun day. Enjoy Knights day,” he conceded.

“We have to get Chance over there. A little controversy for sure," said Knights defenseman Colin Miller.

“You might have to change mascots," added defenseman Brayden McNabb. "It is all good, we appreciate their support.”

Back at school, the campus theme is “Jetting to Success” and “Jets Soar Higher.”

This week, they will make an exception.

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