Judge refuses to lower bail for DUI suspect connected to double fatal

A suspected DUI driver made his second appearance in court Monday morning.

Jacob Lucero, a friend of Damaso and Christa Puente, the two people who lost their lives in a suspected DUI crash last week, reflected on the couple after seeing the suspect in court.

"If there were ever two people who were soul mates, it was these two. They were an item, and if there is any silver lining to this, it's that they could go together," said Lucero. "However, I do not think either one could live without the other."

The 23-year-old Henry Aparicio showed no emotion as he appeared before Justice Court Judge Suzan Baucum. Aparicio's attorney asked the court to lower his $500,000 bail.

Judge Baucum ruled to keep the bail set as is.

A newly-released arrest report says Aparicio was driving 100 mph at the time he struck the victim's car. Prosecutors also told the court a surveillance camera shows Aparicio getting out of the driver's side door of his Mercedes Benz.

Aparicio's Lawyer, Damian Sheets, disputes these claims.

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"When the officers got to the scene he was not in that car. There is no witness in the reports that puts him behind the wheel of that car," said Sheets.

Shanna Carter, the victims' friend, says it is hard to hear the suspect's defense.

"To say something like 'It was a mistake,' is repulsive and repugnant, and what it is homicide," Carter told News 3.

Sheets says that he will not discuss his client's involvement in the accident, but stated that Aparicio "told officers that he was not driving that vehicle.

"The passenger of his vehicle said she could not remember who was driving," Sheets continued.

Carter wishes the driver no peace.

"I hope that him and his passenger wake up every day knowing they took two people out of this world," said Carter.

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