Judge throws out guilty plea in 2011 torture, murder of teenage girl

Guilty Plea thrown out.PNG

A Clark County judge tossed out a guilty plea from a man who admitted to torturing and killing a 15-year-old girl roughly four years ago. However, the matter could be headed for the Nevada Supreme Court.

Javier Righetti, 23, pleaded guilty last month to 10 counts including murder with a deadly weapon in connection with the brutal killing of Alyssa Otremba in September 2011.

The prosecution argued that the suspect's plea did not fully meet their standards and the judge agreed.

The victim's mother tells News 3 that while the judge's decision to throw out the plea could stall her search for justice, she wants it to be done right.

Prosecutors asked the judge to throw out Righetti's guilty plea because it did not back up the idea that the crime was done willfully, deliberately and with premeditation. Those specifics matter - especially as the case heads toward a sentencing phase, which could end up dealing Righetti the death penalty.

Otremba said "death" is a fair price to pay for the gruesome murder of her daughter.

"[Righetti] didn't consider Alyssa's life... he didn't consider her family," said the victim's mother.

It's possible the defense team could appeal the judge's decision on the plea to the Nevada Supreme Court. If the ruling is upheld, the case could go to trial. Regardless, a sentencing hearing on the case is still on the calendar for October.

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