Just as prolonged jury selection begins, Wynns settle all lawsuit claims

Wynn Vs Wynn Lawsuit

Just as several days of jury selection was set to begin Monday, lawyers announced that former Wynn CEO Steve Wynn and Elaine Wynn, have settled all pending legal matters.

The six-year boardroom battle involving the company founded by embattled former Las Vegas casino mogul Wynn and his ex-wife has been settled on the brink of a trial in Nevada state court.

A judge dismissed prospective jurors Monday after attorneys told her the case had been dropped pending an undisclosed payment from Steve Wynn to Elaine Wynn.

Lawyers declined to provide specifics outside court. They said details would be posted later in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Wynn Resorts Ltd. said in a statement that Elaine Wynn dropped claims against the company, and it made no payment under the proposed agreement.

The settlement came after Wynn Resorts reached a $2.4 billion settlement last month with the main plaintiff in the 2012 case, Japanese business tycoon Kazuo Okada

Elaine Wynn was suing her ex-husband and Wynn Resorts for a breach of contract over her 2015 dismissal from the Wynn Board of Directors. She claimed she was not renominated to the board because she was exposing misconduct by top Wynn officials.

He resigned as chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts in early February in the wake of years of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. He recently sold all of his stock ownership in the company, and has to move from his chalet on the Las Vegas Strip by June 1.

In a hearing last month, Elaine Wynn's lawyers argued that she be allowed to testify at trial about two multi-million-dollar settlements by Steve Wynn for sexual misconduct against employees in years past as well illegal offshore gambling by other Wynn officials.

Opposing lawyers argued such testimony would taint the jury pool and was not relevant to her case.

District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ruled she would allow the misconduct information into the trial.

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