'The Just One Project' gives away 85,000 pounds of food to struggling local families


The weekend kicked off on a positive note for hundreds of local families.

The Just One Project, a local non-profit, hosted four different pop-up-and-give events across the valley Saturday morning. News 3 visited one of the events over at Wooley Elementary School on the north side of town.

Thanks to the help of dozens of volunteers and community partners like Gaudin Motors, they were able to give away 85,000 pounds of food to food-insecure families.

The families receive the items at zero cost, and those involved say it's a great way to give back.

"Back when the recession hit in 2008, our family, we needed some help,” said volunteer Jim Coble. “We went through some tough times, and I look at it, personally, as a way that I can give back for some of the help that we received."

The just one project is one of the most popular local charities, and takes volunteers of all ages. If you'd like more information on how to get involved, visit

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