Kirstin Lobato released from prison 16-years after wrongful conviction

After 16 years behind bars, Kirstin Lobato is a free woman after being exonerated in the 2001 murder of a homeless man. (KSNV)

On Wednesday afternoon, a woman wrongly convicted of a homeless man's gruesome death was cleared of her conviction after spending more than 16-years locked up in a state prison.

Kirstin Lobato was 18-years-old when she stepped into prison and now the 35-year-old stepped out an innocent woman.

Lobato was twice convicted for the 2001 murder of Duran Bailey, a homeless man found beaten and mutilated in Las Vegas.

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Since the beginning, Lobato insisted that she was more than 100 miles away in her hometown of Panaca when the murder happened.

Records show she was even spotted in Panaca right around the time that 4 different medical examiners say Bailey was killed.

Last week, a judge dismissed the conviction after innocence lawyers fought for more than a year to clear her name. And Lobato walked out of a Las Vegas jail a free woman. News 3 was there as she greeted her family and friends on the outside.

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"I'm so thankful for all these people that believed in me and fought for me for all these all these years," said Lobato.

She went on to say the first thing she plans on doing with her freedom, is going shopping.

"I have to start over, my life is beginning again. So I have to get everything, and it's going to be great.”

Lobato's family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help her with immediate needs.

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