Lack of rain breaks records this season, hinders mountain snowfall

The first dusting of snow at Lee Canyon on Mount Charleston is promising and they're hoping to open slopes in a couple weeks. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

"Old Man Winter" has yet to bring snowfall to Lee Canyon.

Jillian Ramos is a snowboarder, hoping for more snow soon. For now, people are enjoying the snow made at Lee Canyon. The resort uses a reservoir to fill the void as they wait for Mother Nature to chime in.

"We are all looking forward to more snow. I mean who isn't," said Ramos.

This time last year, the area had more than 21 inches of snowfall, but so far this year, it has had less than an inch. Forecasters say no rain or snow is in the forecast for the rest of the week.

Lee Canyon's Jim Seely says it hasn’t hurt business. They are still seeing hundreds of people out for fun.

"It seems Mother Nature is playing a joke on us right now compared to the last season. However, it's the entire continental U.S. that's gotten lack of precipitation," said Seely.

Still, hundreds of people are headed to the mountain enjoying their time off. The bunny slope is popular for those who want a free lesson. Also, a few trails and intermediate slopes are giving the more advanced a good challenge for the start of the season.

While this limits where snow-goers can hang out, public safety officials are watching for the first sign of snowflakes on the mountain. It might bring unwanted safety issues in undesignated areas.

NHP’s Jason Buratczuk says they are prepared for people who might get injured if people start sledding on a thin layer of snow. If it’s not deep enough, sled riders might hit rocks and boulders.

Leaders at Lee Canyon recommend making reservations online. While snow might have to be manually made, for now, there are still plenty of people heading to the slopes.

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