Las Vegans fighting back against package thieves

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Package thieves strike again in the Las Vegas valley but this time on Thursday, in a neighborhood near Lake Mead & Rainbow. It was caught on camera, like many other crimes, but this video shows the homeowner confronting the thief.

The video shows the package thief stealing several packages from a man's front porch, and taking off. The homeowner then drives after the thief and confronts him. He tells News3 off camera that he got some of his stuff back, but the crook took off while he called 911. The man later filed a police report.

Across the valley, one woman has come up with a new way to try and deter package thieves and it involves horse manure.

“I would hope they wouldn’t open the box and say oh sweet, I needed some of this for the garden," Madeline Graitge said.

Graitge says this is a problem that's simply getting out of hand, and it's time that these crooks learn a lesson.

She is now selling horse manure for people to put in bait boxes on their front porches, for package thieves to snatch and take home a stinky surprise.

“Hopefully it’ll put them off for a while," she said. "They’ll go, 'oooh, not a good one to grab.' Maybe they’ll think twice next time.”

She got her inspiration from a video made by a former NASA engineer, who made a "glitter bomb," for porch pirates.

She took the idea online and made a post on Nextdoor to see what her neighbors would say.

“A lot of people thought it was a pretty funny idea, and a pretty good idea," she said.

While she hasn't sold any manure just yet, she says some people have reached out to her inquiring about the product.

“Bring you own box, it’s a dollar for small or medium boxes, two dollars for large boxes," Graitge said.

She also has a message for those who are thinking of becoming porch pirates:

If you’re going to steal stuff, you better be prepared to end up with some manure, but people are crazy.
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