Las Vegas attorneys sue Equifax to make them pay for the largest data breach in history


Six months ago, millions of identities were stolen in one of the largest data breaches in history. Now, a local law firm wants Equifax to pay for its mistakes.

Credit cards, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers -- they are what make up the average American, and they also make up the largest data breach in history.

When Equifax was hacked, more than 140 million Americans had their information stolen. That information is now at risk to be sold on the dark web.

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If that is the wound, the salt is knowing that Equifax may have known about the breach some five months before going public.

The breach was devastating for some, and now attorneys in Las Vegas want the company to pay.

Attorney Jennifer Isso and her firm filed a complaint against the company in district court.

“It's alleging a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act, along with negligence,” explained Isso.

They are looking for financial damages from the company for every Nevadan effected by the breach -- tens of thousands of dollars for each person

“Over one million Nevadans we affected by this breach,” said Isso. “Over 33 percent of the population was affected.”

The case could take years, and they are looking for more plaintiffs.

Similar cases are being filed in courts across the United States as attorneys try to right the wrongs and pick up the pieces after the massive breach.

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