Las Vegas Community reacts to the death of Billy Graham


Local Pastors and the Christian community in Las Vegas say the death of Billy Graham is a huge loss, but they say with the spiritual legacy he left behind, they can't help but celebrate his life and the impact he had on them.

Kelcey West is a Pastor at Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church in Las Vegas, and he says even in death, Graham will continue to inspire him as both a person and a pastor.

"To know he lived to be 99-years-old, you can mourn but today you have to stop and celebrate a spiritual giant," said West.

West went on to say, "His courage, his boldness to preach, his convictions, his belief in Jesus Christ to the masses it still encourages me today."

Billy Graham had two crusades in Las Vegas one in 1978 and another in 1980.

During those 5 day gatherings, more than 100,000 people showed up to hear his message and thousands of them turned their lives over to Christ as a result.

Recently, the Billy Graham rapid response team came to Las Vegas to minister after the Route 91 mass shooting.

"What was really impressive about the ministry of Graham, a lot of things he did it had nothing to do with publicity, it was all about ministry," said Pastor West.

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West also pointed out that Graham was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement and often preached of inclusion.

Wayne Whiteman is the owner of heaven-sent Christian books and gifts in Las Vegas, he says there will never be another leader quite like Graham.

"It’s Billy Graham, he's spoken to presidents for years spoken to the lives of people for years. I was going to his crusades when I was knee-high to a tadpole." Whiteman said.

And he says this is a time for the world to celebrate the telling legacy that Graham left behind.

Whiteman quoted Graham saying, "as Billy Graham would have said, ‘I just went home’."

Graham’s son Franklin Graham will continue his father's ministry. At last check, funeral arrangements for Graham are still being planned.

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