Las Vegas couple says pet sitter lost their beloved dog

Missing Dog (Courtesy: Helen Law)

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare – losing a dog or cat.

However, imagine if someone else lost your pet.

A Las Vegas couple says that’s exactly what happened to them after their dog’s stay with a sitter took an awful turn.

Benji was last seen two-weeks-ago at West Cheyenne Ave and North Rancho Drive on the northwest side of Las Vegas.

Helen and Ted Law say their dog sitter claims Benji escaped from her car while she was stopped at a gas station.

Now, the couple just wants to get the dog back home.

The two spent Friday afternoon hanging up flyers across the street from where Benji was lost.

“This is my baby. I just hope somebody will come forward,” said Helen Law. “We have a reward out too. $500 reward.”

Benji is a five-year-old Shih Tzu/Poodle mix.

Even in triple-digit temperatures, the couple said they weren’t giving up on finding clues to bring Benji home.

“I don't care how hot it is. My dog is missing me more than I'm hot,” said Helen Law.

The two can’t help but blame themselves.

They say they left Benji with a pet sitter while they were on vacation.

They say the trip ended with a devastating phone call.

“She started crying and said the dog jumped out of the car right here at Cheyenne and Rancho and two guys tried to catch him and scared him and he ran off,” said Helen Law.

According to Helen and Ted Law, the sitter’s name is Laura Lee. She’s a groomer at Puppy Boutique.

News 3 went to the business on Friday but was told, she wasn’t working.

A Puppy Boutique manager told News 3 the business has independent contracts with their groomers, who also make personal arrangements for pet sitting on the side.

The manager said she would blast Benji’s photo to thousands of followers on Puppy Boutique’s Facebook page and send out an alert to pet groups in the area.

News 3 tried calling Lee’s cell phone but it went straight to voicemail.

LVMPD confirmed to News 3 a police report was filed but it’s still an open case.

As for Helen and Ted Law, they want the neighborhood to know that Benji is more than a pet.

“We cried a little bit last night,” said Helen Law.

“It's hard to come home every day and you expect him to run to the door,” said Ted Law.

“I'm afraid for him. If he's in the desert or someone is holding him and it's not their dog,” said Helen Law.

“Someone knows where he is. They do. Please come forward,” she said while holding back tears.

If you think you know where Benji is, call 702-576-3131.

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