Las Vegas couple says 'thank you' to woman who helped their daughter escape shooting

A Las Vegas couple says they owe their daughter's life to this woman.  (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

After two days of feeling the wounds of a mad man's wrath, we are now seeing some healing in Las Vegas.

A father has been wanting to meet the woman who saved his daughter's life.

It's proof that strangers can feel love.

A dad and a mom met the woman who took their daughter's hand ... and would not let go.

"I can't tell you what my daughter's going through. She said if it wasn't for you, she'd probably be dead. Thank you," Adam Barkin said to Shella Sebay, the woman who helped save their daughter at the Route 91 music festival shooting.

It was a night that could have taken Sebay and Ashley Barkin on a path that would change them forever.

"My daughter called my wife on her cell phone and said, 'I love you, mommy,' and she said, 'I love you too.' And all she could hear was gunshots," recalled Adam Barkin.

When bullets flew on Sunday night, Sebay and Barkin got down on the ground.

"I was like, this place is clearing out. We are sitting ducks. We're sitting here, not moving. It's fight or flight. She said, 'no, no,' and I just grabbed her and ran," said Sebay.

It was a split-second decision that would save their lives.

Today, the Barkins' daughter lives because her friend was right by her side.

This is just more evidence that many of those who live in Las Vegas likely knew someone touched by this tragedy.

Shella Sebay is an employee at News 3 and provided live updates over the phone for the station in those early morning hours as she ran away from the violence.

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