Las Vegas FBI Agent facing felony charges for firing at Michigan police officer

Las Vegas FBI Agent facing felony charges for firing at Michigan police officer. 12/29/16 (Heather Mills | KSNV)

A Las Vegas-based FBI agent is facing assault charges in Michigan for firing at a police officer in what his attorney is calling an alcohol-fueled paranoid episode. His arrest was captured on police body camera.

The footage was obtained by WOOD-TV through the Freedom of Information Act. It all played out in a parking lot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You first hear the officers yell, "If you move, you will be bit by the dogs."

Then you see a man, later identified as Ruben Hernandez, face down on the ground. Officers then realize he's an agent with the FBI. "He's got a badge" one yells.

It all happened in the very early morning hours of Dec. 6, 2016.

Hernandez, an 8-year veteran of the FBI is cuffed and begins to wail. "I’m so sorry."

Sources tell our NBC affiliate WOOD-TV, that Hernandez was at dinner with his partner and they ended up at the club Showgirls. Afterward, he ended up at Planet Fitness where he pulled out a gun and someone called 911.

A Grand Rapids Police Detective testified at Hernandez's first hearing that Hernandez, "brandished a firearm while making some disturbing comments while walking around the facility."

After Hernandez was taken into custody, you can hear an officer off camera tell him, "Here’s the thing. You have a holster on you, there’s a gun in the parking.. stop talking. There's a gun in the parking lot from the direction you came. You took a shot at one of our officers. You're not going anywhere."

His attorney, Larry Willey, who is based in Grand Rapids, said he only has a vague and hazy memory of that night.

"He had a paranoid, ugh, he thought people were getting him. I'm not saying that's what happened, but that's what he believed," Willey said.

Hernandez, however, was lucid enough to tell officers he would never hurt them. While cuffed he asked for them to be taken off, then said, "Anybody that's wearing this uniform, I will not hurt you," later adding, "Who knows my career is probably over."

KSNV tried contacting the FBI. A Las Vegas representative with the FBI issued the following statement:

"The FBI takes allegations of misconduct very seriously. We are aware of the matter involving the recent arrest of a FBI employee and are fully cooperating with the Grand Rapids Police Department. This matter has been referred to the FBI’s Internal Investigations Section in Washington, DC, as well as the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we will not comment further."

We also tried Hernandez's home, but no one was there.

Hernandez will be back in court on Jan. 10. He's facing multiple felony charges including assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

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