Las Vegas man baits thieves with dog poop package

A Las Vegas man baited thieves with a pungent and unpleasant package. 11/27/16 (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

As we approach the holidays, an estimated one billion packages are expected to be delivered to homes across the United States. Meanwhile, thieves are lurking to steal goods left at your doorstep.

One local neighborhood near Jones and Sahara is fighting back in a unique way.

“It’s just gotten to the point it’s getting worse,” said resident Eric Snow, whose neighborhood has been targeted by thieves in recent weeks.

The 38-year Army veteran is now taking matters into his own hands.

“We decided to put out the bait package,” Snow said with a slight chuckle.

Snow’s surveillance cameras caught two men driving up in a green car Saturday afternoon to steal the bait package. The bait package was filled with a pungent package from Snow’s 95-pound German Sheppard named Heidi.

“Stuffed it full of reprocessed dog chow,” said Snow, avoiding the term dog poop altogether.

“I thought it was hilarious,” said neighbor Sandra Goodwin. “Hopefully these people will realize that we're tired of them.”

All humor aside, the folks living in the central valley neighborhood hope the unpleasant package will help deter thieves – or at least make them think twice about returning to rip them off.

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