Las Vegas man indicted on terrorism, weapons of mass destruction charges in custody


A local man has been indicted by a Clark County Grand Jury for multiple crimes related to terrorism.

Nicolai Howard Mork was indicted on April 5 on the following charges:

  • Acts of terrorism or attempted acts of terrorism
  • Unlawful acts related to weapons of mass destruction
  • Possession of component of explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture explosive or incendiary device (three counts)
  • Possession of explosive or incendiary device
  • Possession of firearm with altered or obliterated serial number
  • Possession of a silencer

Following Wednesday's indictment, a warrant was issued for Mork's arrest, along with bail set at $1 million per count for a total of $8 million bail. He surrendered peacefully Wednesday night, according to LVMPD.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department alerted media to police activity in the south valley concerning to an investigation pertaining to Mork.

According to the indictment documents, the crimes were committed in Clark County between Oct. 24, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Mork was charged with his first count, acts of terrorism, by attempting to cause incendiary devices -- like Molotov Cocktails and Thermite -- to be ignited in multiple places.

According to the indictment, each incident involved the "use or attempted use of sabotage, coercion, or violence intended to cause great bodily harm or death to the general population and/or cause substantial destruction, contamination or impairment of any building, infrastructure, utilities, or services."

Mork was charged with the unlawful acts related to weapons of mass destruction after possessing approximately 251 pounds of ammonium nitrate and/or 26 pounds of aluminum and/or approximately 9.5 pounds of red iron oxide and/or a bin containing approximately 33 pounds of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder referred to as "Tannerite" with intent to cause harm or under circumstances reasonably likely to cause harm.

The incendiary or explosive device charges are related to the possession of the chemicals referenced above.

Mork also had a Walther P-22 .22 caliber handgun in his possession that had the serial number altered or removed, as well as a silencer, resulting in the final two charges.

Mork was originally arrested in late December, where bail was set at $220,000. According to court records, Mork posted the cash bond on March 23.

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