Las Vegas police donate school supplies to teachers at Sunrise Acres Elementary


Police activity surrounded a local elementary school Thursday morning but this time, it was for the right reason.

At Sunrise Acres Elementary School, Las Vegas police from the Downtown Area Command paid a visit to each teacher.

Officers delivered free school supplies, knowing many teachers often pay for these items out of their own pocket

Third-grade teacher Mike Navarrette says every little bit helps and is thankful for this unexpected visit from the police.

"I was like, wow this is awesome! My first year, I probably spent close to $500-600 dollars because I was brand new and needed specialty items," he said. "There are times some students do not have these materials at the beginning of the year and having consumables like pencils or paper is really helpful."

And the supplies are not the only commitment to the neighborhood.

For well over a year, officers have concentrated on the area near Sunrise and 21st Street. Meeting with apartment managers and talking to tenants about their concerns.

A neighborhood once plagued by violence has seen a drop of about 43% in crime.

"A year ago it was pretty bad. The area was full of garbage and we helped clean it up for curb appeal and make it safer for their children, building contacts, and making their life a little easier," said Officer Cody Gil with LVMPD.

Officer Gill has been with the department for two years. He says the delivery is an extension of all that work at Sunrise and 21st. Helping teachers, help the kids.

"Usually they see us under unfortunate circumstances but this is a way for them to see we are here to help them," he said.

The supplies were donated through LVMPD's community partners: The Downtown Project, The Siegel Group, The D-Hotel, and the Premium Outlet Mall. Groups that understand education matters.

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