Las Vegas ranked among best cities for driving according to study


Spaghetti Bowl snarls, construction cone zones and impaired drivers -- many of us are convinced Las Vegas is one of the worst places to drive.

Surprisingly, a new study by suggests the opposite.

The study looked at things like traffic, safety, cost of ownership and vehicle maintenance. Out of 100 cities, Las Vegas ranked 12th overall.

Eloisa Perez, an instructor at Nevada Driving Schools, says Nevada, by far, is the worst she has experienced.

We rode along with her as she pointed out a number of violations, from a lack of signaling to illegal lane changes and red light runners.

She says they happen every day in the Las Vegas area.

"And I'm going, what's going on here? And then they honk at you and look at you like you are crazy. They drive the center lane all the way through and they do not understand that you are supposed to stop," said Perez.

And just this month, Nevada raised liability requirements, which means insurance premiums are now higher.

"I paid more insurance on one car here, than I did on two cars in Arizona," said Perez.

Technically, traffic is much lighter than cities like Los Angeles or New York, but one thing Perez thinks deserves closer attention, is general driver attitudes.

"Sometimes it is not about the lack of knowledge; it is because they chose to do it, they knew it was wrong and they did it anyway," she said

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