Las Vegas tax preparer indicted on 15 counts of filing false tax returns

The US Attorney’s Office has indicted Las Vegas tax preparer Martha L. Williams on 15 counts of filing false tax returns. (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

The IRS has indicted a Las Vegas tax preparer on several counts of filing false tax returns.

The IRS tells us with tax day around the corner it's very important that taxpayers make sure they are getting those returns done right.

The federal government has indicted 40-year-old Martha L. Williams on 15 counts of filing false income tax returns.

IRS agents say the former tax preparer knowingly created fraudulent tax documents for clients that resulted in them paying less taxes and receiving inflated tax refunds.

IRS Special Agent in Charge Tara Sullivan said, "Unfortunately it happens more than what we would like it to. It happens every single year all around the country. It's really big here in our valley."

Special Agent Sullivan is a part of the IRS criminal investigations unit.

Agent Sullivan says her department has a list of potential bad tax preparers in the valley.

In the fraud case against Martha Williams, the indictment accuses Williams of preparing taxes for customers at Across the Board Management Company.

The approximate tax revenue lost is estimated to be about $147,000.

Sullivan says some tax preparers file false returns in order to get more business.

"Sometimes it increases the number of clients they have so word spreads that if you go to this preparer you'll get a big refund. All of a sudden instead of having hundreds of clients you might have a thousand clients", says Sullivan.

Taxpayer Ron Strong tells us he is concerned about tax preparers that’s why he says his wife does their taxes.

"They somehow take off the top. They get your money but they don't give you back. They are all in cahoots", says Strong.

The big tax deadline for filing your personal income taxes is this Tuesday-- April 17th.

The IRS tells us as taxpayers it’s important we make sure we are getting our taxes done properly because in the long run, you could end up getting audited.

"Choose a preparer like you choose a doctor or some sort of medical professional. Do your homework just don't go to the closest one you see", says Sullivan.

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