Less invasive therapy for enlarged prostate introduced in Las Vegas valley

Dr. Jason Zommick of Urology Specialists of Nevada (KSNV)

It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but 12 million men in America will have prostate issues at some point in their life.

The older you get, the more likely it will happen.

“It happens to 50 percent of men in their 50s,” said Dr. Jason Zommick of Urology Specialists of Nevada. “And when men get to 80 years old, 90 percent will have a problem.

Dr. Zommick says that an enlarged prostate can be uncomfortable and really dangerous,

If left untreated, patients are susceptible to infections, and treatments can run anywhere from prescription pills to invasive surgery.

A new procedure called transurethral radio frequency thermal therapy is being used in the Las Vegas valley that shrinks the enlarged prostate with heat on the outside of the body.

“The new technology takes just three minutes, and the benefits are you aren't on medication and you’re back to normal activity in just a few days,” Dr. Zommick said.

This procedure was first performed in Las Vegas at the end of September and is currently only available at Urology Specialists of Nevada.

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