LET IT SNOW: Rain in the valley brings snow to the mountains

Mt. Charleston snow.png

A winter warning has come with snowfall on Mount Charleston.

Road conditions are hazardous. The wintry mix is already bringing people to the high points of the mountain, and there are already blustery conditions in the Kyle Canyon area.

"I had to get my snow fix as soon as I heard it was snowing here," said Las Vegas resident Cynthia Miller.

Miller welcomed the sight. She rushed up Mt. Charleston to see the fresh snow.

“It’s great. It’s beautiful. It feels real good. I love it,” Miller said.

Driving up the mountain is already treacherous. The Nevada Department of Transportation is requiring tire chains for roads going up Lee and Kyle Canyon.

The rough road conditions could not stop Larry Caso, who came all the way from Cuba.

“You, know everything is new for us here,” said Caso. “I’m Cuban. It’s tropical weather. We have beach. Everything is good. Nothing like here. It’s beautiful man.”

Inside the Mount Charleston Lodge, the snow is a welcome sight. Washington state resident Liz Pearce never expected to see snow on her trip to Las Vegas.

“I had no idea you could ski here,” Pearce said. “I just didn’t realize in Las Vegas you'd find snow.”

Police advise that with hazardous driving conditions, drivers need to follow the speed limit and make sure they have the right tires to make it up the mountain.

Miller says she’s prepared.

“It actually wasn’t hard,” Miller said. “I have an all-wheel drive. As long as you follow speed limit, you’ll be fine here.”

At busy times, about 25,000 cars could be in the area. If you plan on coming up, remember to pack warm clothes, food and have a flashlight.

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