Life Storage burglary victims come forward after valuable collectibles stolen from units

    More Life Storage burglary victims come forward reporting valuable collectibles stolen from their storage units in Las Vegas. This comes after News 3 aired a story about a man who had $100K in Comics stolen from his Life Storage Unit. (Gabby Hart | KSNV)

    Jayson Warnock has strong words, saying that someone stole more than $20,000 worth of collectibles from his Life Storage unit located on W. Cheyenne Avenue.

    "There were collections of porcelain and Barbie dolls, comic books," Warnock said, describing the stolen items.

    According to a report filed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the burglary happened in December of 2017.

    Warnock filed a police report with LVMPD, and even though he had insurance, he says no amount of money can replace the items he lost.

    He's not alone. Tom Biggar is a military veteran and says someone stole thousands of collectible coins and antique firearms from his Life Storage unit located on Wigwam Avenue.

    "I had thousands of valuable coins and paper money that I'd been collecting throughout my life. I had collectible firearms and artifacts that date back to the Revolutionary War," Biggar said.

    He’d been collecting the items since he joined the military 26 years ago. When asked how much he valued the items he said, "I know it's going to sound extreme, but I estimate it conservatively at over $1.3 million in valuables."

    Both Biggar and Warnock fear they were targeted by someone who knew what to look for, and while Life Storage offers security measures such as locks and surveillance cameras, they didn’t help much in their cases.

    "They say, 'Smile you're on camera, everyone's on camera,' but they didn't have any footage. Metro didn't get any footage and I'm surprised on the other story that there was a face," Warnock said.

    The other story was covered by News 3 on Dec. 27 when surveillance video caught two crooks stealing $100,000 worth of comic books and collectibles from a life storage facility on W. Warm Spring Road.

    Police are investigating all three burglaries.

    News 3 reached out to Life Storage for comment. Their corporate office told us they are looking into the claims and sent us the following statement:

    Life Storage takes security and any breach of security very seriously. All associates must pass a background check as a condition of their employment. In the event of a security breach, we conduct an internal investigation and instruct the customer to call the authorities with whom we cooperate on every level. If there is a video of the incident, it is made available to law enforcement, and we answer all questions to the best of our ability. Each of our Las Vegas properties has surveillance cameras and key coded entry systems to help prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, our store personnel inspect the grounds and conduct a "lock-check" at least twice daily to check for any unusual activity. Unfortunately, as with any other property, incidents can and do happen. That is why we invest in our security systems and require all customers to carry insurance on their stored belongings. Life Storage has and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement to catch the responsible individuals in each of these cases.

    If you feel you or someone you know has experienced a similar incident reach out to News 3’s Gabby Hart at

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