Life under the Spaghetti Bowl: A Project Neon update

UPCOMING FREEWAY CLOSURE! U.S. 95 will be closed in both directions between Martin L. King Blvd. and Las Vegas Blvd. from 10 p.m., March 9, through 5 a.m., March 12. (RTC Southern Nevada)

This weekend, U.S. 95 will be shut down completely in both directions where it intersects with I-15, all part of the nearly one billion dollar Project Neon.

Rick Dale with Rick's Restorations tells me, "I live in the middle of the Spaghetti Bowl, we're the meatballs, the meat sauce meet."

When it comes to restoring the past, Dale is your man.

"Coke machines are never, ever going out of style," says Dale.

Here at Rick's Restorations, he can take the saddest piece of junk and turn it into something special at his four-acre lot.

You can hear trucks bounce up there, it has its own flyover ramp passing through it," says Dale. "As long as I'm not up there in it, cars go by slow and see that we've moved here."

But if Dale's job is dealing with the past, Project Neon is all about the future.

Widening a four-mile stretch of I-15 from Sahara to the Spaghetti Bowl.

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Today, Project Manager Dale Keller appeared before the Las Vegas City Council with an update, council members had questions and suggestions.

Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian asked, "so if anybody comes to me, I can tell them it'll get no worse than this?"

Councilman Stavros Anthony states, "get rid of HOV lanes, they're a waste of time and money."

Council members are asking if it's possible to convert HOV lanes into normal travel lanes during construction.

Keller says he's willing to look into it but believes HOVs are important.

"Right now their underutilized because they don't go anywhere, but with Project Neon they'll connect 95 to I-15," says Keller.

A more pressing issue: this weekend's full closure of U.S. 95 at I-15.

Keller says to watch for detour signs and use traffic apps.

"We are reconstructing the I-15 bridge that goes over U.S. 95 so it's literally the crossroads, we have to get this work done," says Keller.

As for Dale, he knows traffic will eventually get better. But for now, his boneyard is surrounded, and Project Neon is just another noisy neighbor.

"I've been asking for an off-ramp here. When they're done with Project Neon, that would be wonderful, Drop them right at Rick's Restorations," says Dale.

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