Light Rail in Southern Nevada closer than ever


There seems to be a recurring theme regarding Las Vegas traffic and people who have moved here from other big cities.

“We have light rail systems, and it is very convenient," said one transplant from California.

Now, light rail in Las Vegas is closer to reality than ever before.

There is a proposal in place, studies being conducted and renderings. There's even a recommended route.

"It is our highest productivity transit route outside the Strip,” said David Swallow, RTC Project Coordinator. “It serves thousands and thousands of people on a daily basis."

David says a Transportation Advisory Committee looked at a number of options for the area along Maryland Parkway. Light rail came out on top.

The route would begin, he says, at McCarran International Airport and follow Maryland Parkway north, stopping at UNLV, the Boulevard Mall, Sunrise Hospital, and continuing to Downtown Las Vegas before ultimately arriving at the RTC Bonneville Transit Hub.

But it wouldn't end there.

“And then, in this case, extending the service over to the Las Vegas medical district where you have University Medical Center, Valley Hospital, UNLV's Shadow Lane campus and the new medical school that's going to be located," said Swallow.

It would be a first for Las Vegas and come with a price tag of $750 million, but based on early reaction a welcome addition to our city.

Public hearings on the light rail project are planned for late summer in early fall.

To learn more about the light rail, click here.

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