Local businesses prepare for Project Neon traffic spillover


As phase three of Project Neon ramps up local businesses surrounding the interstate are expecting to see an influx of traffic.

Drivers are expected to take to those side streets looking for a way around the congested interstate, and some businesses on those side streets are worried about how it could affect them.

Alejandro Contreras is an artist at Koolsville Tattoo Shop on Main Street near Charleston Boulevard.

"You can notice business has kind of been just dropping slowly," said Contreras.

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Main Street is currently undergoing some construction of its own and is reduced to one lane and businesses say that's already causing traffic trouble on its own.

And on Tuesday when lanes are reduced along the Spaghetti Bowl and I-15 as a part of Project Neon, it could make matters even worse.

"I hope it doesn't take a big toll on us," Contreras said.

However, some nearby business owners have found the silver lining.

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Jeff Anthony is a supervisor at the Vintage Vegas store on Main Street. He says those drivers being forced off of the freeway and onto the side streets, could drive up business.

"I'm embracing it! Now that we're getting more people, more people will notice this side of town that to me some people don't know exists." Anthony tells us.

John Dibella is the owner of Dibella Flower and Gifts on Charleston Boulevard. He says Project NEONis a much-needed revitalization, and he understands things have to get a little rough before they can get better.

"It's going to be difficult for a while, it's going to be inconvenient, and hopefully it's just a short while," said Dibella.

Dibella is also thinking about the marketing aspects of all of the new found traffic headed his way.

"Maybe we'll stand outside and give free flowers out as they drive by, they might be a good promotion," Dibella said.

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