Local construction groups meet for annual safety conference

    Local construction groups meet for annual safety conference

    On Thursday, hundreds of people who work in the construction industry came together for an annual conference to discuss industry safety. The event was the 2019 Safety Kick-Off event, hosted by PENTA Building Group.

    "For a contractor, there is nothing more important than safety," John Cannito said. “There is so much going in town right now that, it’s so important. Safety has never been so important.”

    Cannito is the president of PENTA Building Group. With construction and maintenance projects underway in the Valley, he says the hope is that people will take steps to prevent accidents while on the job.

    “Everything you do from swinging a hammer to climbing a ladder, to climbing out of a foundation hole or pouring concrete, or an electrician even just putting in a light bulb. Everything we do has the potential to harm somebody," he said. "So, we have to consciously be planning ahead to make sure we’re thinking about what we’re doing so no one gets hurt.”

    Just before the conference started, the Clark County Fire Department conducted a tactical rescue on the Strip. A contractor fixing lights at the Paris fell from scaffolding and became stuck inside the marquee balloon sign.

    Cannito did not know about the rescue at the time of the conference. However, once he became aware of it, he explained he felt terrible for those involved.

    “The fact that those things happen are what motivate us to prevent them from happening again," he said.

    Something he preached to those in attendance, take an extra minute to think about everyone's safety.

    “The best way not to have an incident is to prevent an incident," Cannito said. "So, if you plan your way through what you’re going to do you’ll see the potential hazards ahead of time, you’ll take care of them and plan them out.”

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