Local imam expects some Muslims to leave U.S. because of political uncertainty

The spiritual leader to hundreds of practicing Muslims in Las Vegas says he knows some faithful who may leave the country due to political uncertainty.

Fateen Seifullah is the imam at Masjid As Sabur, a mosque near Washington and D Street.

“Some of them aren’t sure,” Seifullah said. “Should they migrate? Should they leave and go someplace else?”

Seifullah spoke to News 3 on Saturday, one week after the executive order that snared some travelers from mostly Muslim countries. A close friend of his was delayed in Boston.

“He said, ‘I feel the effects of it already,’ because it was one of the first times he’s ever been singled out for additional checks,” Seifullah says.

In the week since, he’s dressed in religious Muslim clothing outside of worship. He says it’s a political statement.

“I deliberately dress like this, it’s in comradery with those women who wear the kemar and the dress that singles them out,” says Seifullah.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to have the final say on President Donald Trump’s executive order. It’s a decision that could come, in part, from a new justice chosen by Trump.

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