Local immigrant activists criticize LVMPD's cooperation with ICE

Activists met Thursday in front of LVMPD

It's called "287g."

Under it, the Las Vegas Metropolitian Police Department cooperates with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Anybody arrested only runs into it at the Clark County Detention Center.

If you were born outside the U.S., you get run through an "ICE" database.

Here illegally?

ICE agents at the jail could pick you up and start the deportation process.

That's what happened to Jorge Franco, whose warrant for a traffic violation got him arrested and he got on ICE's radar.

“I was serving many days in jail,” Franco told me outside LVMPD headquarters. While in custody, he tells me his wife gave birth to their youngest daughter. “That was sad for me,” he says.

His family bailed him out, and he still is in jeopardy of deportation.

“I'm fighting the case cause I have no criminal record. I hope I can get my green card,” he says.

Franco and fellow activists met Thursday in front of LVMPD.

They want the department to turn over information about the cooperation between LVMPD and "ICE" under 287g and who has been turned over to immigration authorities under the program.

In the crowd was Clark County commissioner Tick Segerblom.

“Anybody violent, I have no problem with that. But if they're arresting people with traffic tickets then giving them to ICE, I don't think that's appropriate. that's what we're trying to find out,” Segerblom says.

We're waiting for numbers from ICE and LVMPD about how many people have been turned over.

A Syracuse University analysis said last year it was 676 in Clark County.

For LVMPD, it walks a fine line: it needs the help of the immigrant community--legal and illegal, to fight crime.

“Our big message is we want everyone that’s a victim of crime to come forward and report it,” says officer Jacinto Rivera. “Our officers that you see on the street in the black and whites, they are doing absolutely nothing related to enforcing immigration law.”

LVMPD began its cooperation with ICE in 2009.

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