Local man reflects on friend killed in mass shooting on Strip


Several Las Vegans were of the 59 people who died in the massacre.

A UNLV student, an off-duty Las Vegas police officer, and a beloved country music fan are some of those who lost their lives.

They are Officer Charleston Hartfield, 20-year-old Quinton Joe Robbins, and 30-year old Brennan Stewart. They are the Las Vegans who lost their lives after bullets hit them at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

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Brian Haverkamp was a good friend of Brennan Stewart. The two had plans to go to the concert.

"I actually didn't know he got a ticket until I got a call at midnight. He was always there for other people and just making sure everyone was happy and feeling good inside," said Haverkamp.

Haverkamp learned of his friends passing while he was out of town.

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"I packed up my hotel and checked out within five seconds and drove about five hours straight here," said Haverkamp.

He says he still doesn’t understand how one man caused so much devastation from firing a machine gun out a Mandalay Bay hotel room.

"I've been to hundreds of concerts all over," said Haverkamp. "I would never imagine a place where everybody throughout the whole world come into one spot just to listen enjoy someone singing. I never thought something like this would occur."

Stewart, we are told, loved singing country music. Friends and family say their loved one lit up the room.

"Every time you see him he just puts a big smile. I see him coming down the road and he gives me the goofiest wave and smiles all the time," said Haverkamp.

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