UPDATE: Local man seen beating dog on social media arrested

Daman Holmes (Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

Violent video posted to Facebook shows a pit bull being punched 19 times.

Now, the puppy is safe and the accused abuser, behind bars.

Daman Holmes is facing charges for aggravated stalking and felony animal abuse. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning.

According to the arrest report, the FBI has been investigating Holmes since June.

The mother of a woman in Salt Lake City, whom he’d had a relationship with, claims he’s been threatening her family for two years.

Casey Keegan said, “There are so many threats that are just disgusting.”

She said the violence against the dog, was directed at them.

“I look at my dog and I think if someone had punched him in the face 19 times that is horrible, but then, on the other hand, I have to be thankful he was stupid enough to post it," Keegan said.

That’s because the video-enabled LVMPD and the FBI to work together and arrest Holmes. He was arrested in the 600 block of Boulder Highway where he was staying with a roommate.

The dog belonged to the roommate. She’s now in foster care with Big Paw Rescue.

She’s been renamed Kallina.

A volunteer with the organization, Candice Miller said, “Kallina means strong-willed, caring and loving.” She added, “Here in rescue we believe that new beginnings deserve a new name.”

Kallina has a long road ahead of her. She has a fractured canine tooth, a swollen snout and a limp because her muscles are sore.

Miller said, they’ve also completed X-Rays because her hip is out of place.

“She still has to heal. She ducks at loud noises and fast movements and she doesn’t want to be alone," she said. However, she said Kallina is happy and loving. She just, I don’t have the words for it, she’s perfect.”

When she’s healed, she’ll be available for adoption at

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