Probate attorney abandons office, clients; Nevada Bar expected to file for suspension

Local attorney Robert Graham of Lawyers West abruptly closes practice. 12/8/16 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

A local attorney who handles people's money has suddenly gone missing.

The Nevada State Bar has told News 3 they will soon be filing to have him suspended from practicing law in Nevada.

Attorney Robert C. Graham of Lawyers West handles probate cases that involve wills, trusts, bankruptcies and more.

Thursday morning, News 3 tried going to his office but it appeared abandoned. A note on the door stated Graham is days away from being evicted.

Court filings News 3 uncovered reveal the state bar of Nevada filed to protect Graham's clients by replacing him as their attorney with another law firm.

The filing also states Graham abruptly closed his business without notifying employees and that his clients' files were abandoned in his rented office space.

"We as lawyers have a responsibility to the community and to our clients. There are so many other alternatives for a lawyer to do other than just walking away," said Norman Reed, a long-time Las Vegas attorney.

Reed said it's rare for any attorney to abandon his practice.

"I'd say there's good circumstantial evidence that there's something connected to a trust fund account or some behavior the lawyer did that they're ashamed of and frankly their resolution to that was to run away," said Reed.

Graham's website has been shut down. His office phone number goes straight to voicemail and you're unable to leave a message.

Reed said whatever the issue was to cause this abrupt closure it could have been handled differently.

"Whatever you want to do there's a way to do it short of walking away because it causes such a problem, such a rift not only to the client but to the entire judicial system," said Reed.

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