Local senior's family concerned with attacker's release from prison

Local senior assaulted/robbed 2 years ago.. now concerned about attackers release from prison. (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

It's been two years since the attack that left 90-year-old Robert Hitechew broken and battered.

"When they knocked him to the ground in the 110-degree weather, he sustained a broken hip, broken leg and some burns on the side of his body from the heat of the asphalt," said Robert’s grandson Perry.

Perry recalls the ordeal, saying it resulted in an extended hospital stay for his grandfather and months of therapy.

The two suspects who committed the assault were caught. One was a juvenile. The other, Herbert Jackson, was sent to prison. It was the second time Jackson had assaulted a senior, not to mention a long list of other felony convictions.

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"He's a predator, he's the worst of the worst," said Perry.

He and his family just learned Jackson is scheduled to be released from prison in a matter of days, paroled for good behavior. They haven't told grandpa yet. At 92-years-of age now the news might be too much for World War II Vet to handle.

Perry admits he's afraid of what could happen, especially for other seniors who might encounter his grandfather's attacker.

"If it was up to me I'd like to see him locked away for the rest of our lives so that no one else's grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, etc., is going to become a victim of this guy again," said Perry.

Jackson is scheduled to appear before a judge here in Clark County on December 10, at which time he could be released on parole. Those parole requirements could expire as early as April of next year.

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