Local teen starts nonprofit to help foster kids across the valley

    This local teen, 15-year-old Nijel Murray, launched 'Klothes for Kids' to help give back to teenagers in need of clothes. (Gabby Hart | KSNV)<p>{/p}

    15-year-old Nijel Murray is an honors student at Somerset Academy, a varsity basketball player and a volunteer drummer at his church.

    Even with all of these achievements he still found time to start a nonprofit called “Klothes 4 Kids”

    Nijel says when his first ever foster brother showed up to his home a year ago he barely had any clothes and the ones he did have didn't fit.

    Once he realized that foster kids in Nevada and across the country were living like this, he says he wanted to do something to help.

    “I give kids who just came into foster care clothes for three to four days until their foster parents can buy them, because a lot of times when they come to these homes they don't have clothes that really fit them or that they like so I try to give them clothes they feel comfortable wearing," Nijel said.

    Nijel’s mother Shon Murray has been helping him along the way. "When you are able to allow your child to live in comfort they don't realize how other kids are really living so when he saw it, it broke his heart and he said mom let's do something about it," she explained.

    He works with Child Haven in Las Vegas to find those young people in need and his nonprofit is 100% donation based.

    They have bins of clothes and shoes on stand by and when a foster parent calls he hand delivers them.

    "If we don't have the right materials depending on the age of the kid then we go to Walmart or somewhere to purchase the supplies," Nijel said.

    He’s received donations and recognition from organizations like America’s first Credit Union.

    The city of Las Vegas recently gave Nijel close to $1000 in grant money to do a neighborhood project, which he'll use to help even more foster kids.

    His non-profit also gives every child they help a duffle bag and his mother explained why that’s so important.

    "Why duffle bags people ask? And it's because children in foster care are often given trash bags When you think about a garbage bag that's passing that title onto them as well and making them feel like I can just be discarded," she said.

    If you would like to donate clothes or money to help “Klothes 4 Kids” there are two ways to do so:

    You can follow this link to the Klothes 4 Kids Facebook page and click the donate button.

    Or you can go to any Bank Of America and ask to Donate to Klothes 4 Kids using the account # 501023204793.

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