Local woman receives phone call from family in Puerto Rico

Local woman receives phone call from family in Puerto Rico. 9/29/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV) 

It wasn't much, but a 2-minute phone conversation was all Melissa Santana needed to regain faith her family would be okay.

"He stated that they were literally on the side of a road, off of a tunnel, just trying to get any reception that they can and they were using someone else's phone," said Melissa after receiving the call from her brother late Friday afternoon.

As News 3 first reported on Sept. 25, Melissa’s mother and brother left Las Vegas for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma to help a relative whose home had been damaged. But then came Hurricane Maria.

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Devastating winds and rain destroyed much of the island nation.

Melissa’s family members trapped as a result.

"They don't have much. They've eaten canned goods cold, right out of the cans, you know without cooking them. I mean pretty much they're doing what they can to survive," said Melissa.

She says they told her all the family is together in a home that was partially destroyed.

Neighbors are helping each other as best they can. A fast-food restaurant in the area is providing clean water, but relief efforts have yet to arrive as roads are heavily damaged.

Melissa's mother is especially at risk, in need of medication.

"My mom is in very frail health. So she's not doing the greatest now. She's still alive which is what matters the absolute most."

Now, Melissa waits for the first available flight to the region, hoping she can at least bring her mother her medicines, or better yet, get her back home.

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