Sheriff Lombardo talks changes to security protocol since mass shooting


April first marked six months since the deadly One October mass shooting. Sheriff Joe Lombardo is revealing what Metro learned from that night.

First responders were put to the test when an active shooter showed up on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay.

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"Nobody expected it. It's something we are aware of now," said Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

In Las Vegas, first responders have spent years training for emergencies. They learn from past mass shootings like Columbine and Sandy Hook. But since that deadly scenario unfolded -- Lombardo says safety protocols have been updated.

"We brought the federal government in, FEMA in particular, to provide some feedback on the after action," said Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Specifically open-air events like the Harvest FestivalRoute 91 Concert venues.

Lombardo said one of the big changes with outdoor events. Metro didn't have the fire department on the property. Firefighters were aware that the events took place and they were there to respond in case something happened, but now there are individuals from the fire service there with Metro.

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