Looking for love? 'Dating Sunday' may be your best chance to find it

'Dating Sunday' is Jan. 6 and experts say exponentially more singles will be active online with one goal: to find love. (KSNV)

If you’re planning on starting this new year looking for love, there’s good news: you won’t be alone.

“Dating Sunday” as it’s called is Sunday, Jan. 6, and according to dating websites, it’s the best day of the entire year to meet your match.

Times have definitely changed. One out of every three relationships reportedly start online these days.

Dating app usage among those 18 to 24 years old is up, tripling in recent years.

Still, age is apparently no barrier as online sites show growing numbers of seniors logging on for love, as well.

Dating expert Meredith Golden explains the phenomenon, “Everyone is getting online because they have set their new year’s resolution. It’s 2019 and it’s their intention to meet someone this year.”

Sundays are usually busy days for online dating, but spending the holiday season solo seems to have inspired a new focus for many.

It explains why matchmaking websites have dubbed Jan. 6 “Dating Sunday” since that’s when a reported 50 to 85 percent more singles will be searching the web for love.

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