LVMPD: 'Potential violent workplace incident averted' at local Burger King

LVMPD: 'Potential violent workplace incident adverted' at local Burger King (KSNV)

A potential workplace incident was averted according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

At 8:24 p.m. Tuesday, police say a 30-year-old suspect who previously had his work hours reduced, came into the Burger King located in the 6600 block of W. Cheyenne Avenue, demanding that his hours be increased and told the manager he did not want to "shoot up the place".

About six employee and four customers were discretely evacuated out the back door.

Police say a team of officers led by a sergeant entered the business and took the suspect safely into custody.

A partially disassembled semi-auto rifle and a machete knife were found in the suspect's backpack that he brought into the restaurant.

A 30 round rifle magazine containing 15 bullets was also located in the suspect's pocket.

LVMPD says due to the manager's decision to promptly call 911, and Patrol and the Air Units timely response, a potential workplace violence incident was averted.

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