Make-A-Wish: Alexa Garin gets visit the set of the movie Descendants 2

Alexa and Descendents Stars_2.jpg

Seven-year-old Alexa Garin, a student at The Adelson Educational Campus, was live in studio today to discuss her wish to go on the set of the movie, Descendants 2.

Outgoing and resilient, this seven-year-old wish kid is very intelligent and social. An only child, she spends lots of time with adults. After being diagnosed with Wilms tumor in 2015, Alexa underwent surgery to remove a kidney and endured rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Alexa has always been very positive and even talked to her body about being positive in order to kick cancer to the curb.

Alexa decided her wish would be to go on the set of the Disney’s, Descendants 2. Since the movie was being filmed in Canada, Alexa and her family boarded a flight to Vancouver where she was able to have a behind the scenes look at her favorite Disney characters. Though months have passed since she experienced her wish, Alexa still loves stopping by The Wishing Place to visit the Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada team. Today, she is proud to say that she’s in remission and volunteers as a Wish Kid Ambassador.

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