Man accused of making terror threats at local church pleads guilty

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UPDATE APRIL 10: Calin Hodges appreared before Judge Elissa Cadish on Thursday. He has plead guilty due to mental illness. He could be facing 1-6 years in prison. Hodges is scheduled to be sentenced on June 27 and 8:30 a.m. Check back for updates.

UPDATE MARCH 14: Calin Hodges has pleaded not guilty and has invoked his right to a speedy trial. The trial is set for May 14 at 10 a.m. Check back for details.


LAS VEGAS (KSNV) -- The Clark County district attorney's office is pressing charges against a man they say praised 1 October shooter, Stephen Paddock.

Police say in late February, 23-year-old Calin Hodges walked into Mountaintop Faith Ministries located near Sahara and Lindell, where about 40 people were in service.

Hodges allegedly told members that he was planning "something big."

One of the church members told officers that he approached Hodges because he looked disheveled and had been sleeping on a bench.

The parishoner tells police that Hodges told him that he was "going to be the greatest mass shooter in history."

The witness also gave police an audio recording of the alleged conversation, where Hodges says he "salutes and identifies with every mass shooter."

The church was evacuated and Hodges was eventually taken into custody.

Victoria Sobolewski, a resident said, "It scares me because I have kids and you know obviously to stop it before it happens is better than waiting."

Sobolewski tells us 1 October and the recent Parkland School Shooting still worries her. She applauds the church members who made the quick decision to alert the authorities.

"I think he needs help. I don't know if jail is the right answer for that, but I definitely think there needs to be some action taken on that", said Sobolewski.

A Clark County District judge has ordered Hodges to a jail mental health facility. We did reach out to Hodges' defense lawyer who told us he might comment at a later time about his client's situation.

Many people living near the church are grateful no one was hurt.

Cecilai Smith, a resident said, "I think any threat to anyone's safety and the community we need to act on that."

Hodges in due in court March 14.

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