'Man Bun Thief' ripping off guests at Las Vegas casinos

'Man Bun Thief' ripping off guests at Las Vegas casinos

Police are on the hunt for the person described as the "Man Bun Thief" because of his hairdo.

Police say the handsome crook and with his associate are targeting unsuspecting casino guests.

He's a man described by some women as tall and dreamy.

Police tell News 3 the man is no prize -- he's a crook stealing valuables from innocent people.

"You got to remember, these people are criminals and it's a crime of opportunity for them", said LVMPD Officer Larry Hadfield.

Hadfield tells us last month the Man Bun Thief stole a vest with someone's wallet while the victim was in a gaming area inside a downtown casino.

Police are not sure if a second man seen walking with the man bun thief is also involved. Still, they want to talk to talk to him.

"He might not be involved, but turn your friend in. There's no sense in getting trouble," says Hadfield.

Police explain it's hard to say how many crimes the man bun thief is tied to, since many of these small crimes go unreported.

Marge Smidgens is a tourist. "It's fun and it's fascinating and lots of different things to do," she said.

Smidgens is from Iowa and she often visits the downtown casinos.

She tells us it's hard to stay focused on your belongings when you're having fun, but she tries her best.

"I hang on to my belongings pretty tight. I only can carry what I need", she says.

Cleveland, Ohio resident Bill Brewer says that while he's in Las Vegas he will be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

"I'm always aware of my surroundings. I always people watch and see what is going on."

Officer Hadfield has advice for those casino-goers focused on having a good time.

"Ladies, if you have purses, make sure you keep them attached to your body with the strap. Gentleman, keep your wallets [and] cellphones in your front pockets."

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