Man desperately seeking dog lost during tragedy on Las Vegas Strip


We are learning that people weren’t the only ones running from the gunfire.

News 3’s Reed Cowan has an exclusive story of a California family whose dog was lost in the terror, and their days-long search to get her back.

Rou, or" Roulette" is a therapy dog. Her whole existence is to try and bring peace to her owners. Her owners are heartsick and searching for their dog.

Ryan Needham says his dog Rou was terrified of the sights and the sounds and ran for her life too.

It's the main reason why Needham hasn’t returned to California, standing outside a perimeter hoping Rou will hear him and come out.

"We haven't slept yet", says Needham.

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Rou’s story went viral on social media, but still no clues to get her home.

Needham says he saw the worst on that night.

"Chaos. Everything was crazy. People laying in wheelbarrows and blood. People trying to save everybody", says Needham.

Scenes that would normally cause him to drive far away from Las Vegas...but not without his dog.

If you have seen Rou, email or search Reed Cowan on social media.

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