Man known as 'grocery store fixture' gunned down at meat market

Man known as 'grocery store fixture' gunned down at meat market (KSNV)

Friends of a man known to do odd jobs around a northeast grocery store have identified him as the man shot and killed Saturday afternoon.

Maria Aguilar knew the victim. "He was a good guy. He would open the doors for people out here."

Maria Aguilar speaks of a man that was a "fixture" outside the Cabana Food Market near Owens and Pecos.

Aguilar tells us David Lee Parsons helped customers carry their groceries and would hold the door open for them.

On Saturday afternoon, police say Parsons was holding the door open when an unidentified man began to argue with him.

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The argument turned into a fistfight inside the grocery store.

Aguilar said, "He just comes here he tries to get a living."

The effort to make a buck turned deadly for the 41-year-old unofficial greeter. Police say Parsons followed the suspect to his car. A struggle happened when the man pulled out a gun. A single shot was fired hitting parsons in the chest.

Homicide detectives say the suspect is described as a tall black man in his mid-twenties with braids. The suspect took off in a black Dodge Charger. He was last seen wearing a "doo-rag" on his head, dark sweater, gold necklace, and black shoes.

Mauricio Salazar lives near the grocery store. Salazar says it's important the gunman is caught.

"I mean it's scary. He could be living right here. He could be right next to us. You just don't know", says Salazar.

Police don’t know what the argument was about. Aguilar wishes whatever sparked the fight could have been resolved peacefully. She will miss the man who helped many around the grocery store.

Aguilar said, "He was my friend. What would he say whenever I needed 25-cents he was there."

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