Man randomly shot, killed after playing loud music at Kensington Suites


A family is grieving after a man shot and killed their loved one during a dispute over loud music.

Police say 35-year-old Jamar Taylor was playing music in his car on Tuesday as he pulled up to park at the Kensington Suites on West Bonanza Blvd.

That's when investigators say 37-year-old Stavros Stathakos confronted Jamar about his music.

An arrest report says in the days before the shooting, a neighbor heard Stathakos complaining about people playing loud music in the complex, and that he would quote "take care” of the next person who did it.

Witnesses say Taylor seemed confused when an angry Stathakos approached him, and he tried to walk away.

But police say Stathakos pulled out a gun and started firing at Taylor in broad daylight.

The victim tried to run, but Stahakos ran after him shooting him multiple times. Taylor was pronounced dead at UMC.

"It just seems like he didn't even have a heart. I heard my brother. He turned around like tried to talk to him peacefully and he didn't care", said Deaundre Mathews, the victim’s stepbrother.

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After the shooting, police say a security guard wrestled the gun away from Stathakos and ordered him back into his apartment.

Taylor’s father Clinton Taylor says they just laid his own father to rest last week and now one week later he has to bury his son.

"He's gone. Can't bring him back but we're just going to miss him. I can't even talk. I’m not good at nothing right now."

The family says all they can do now is stay strong, but Taylor’s brother has a message for the man suspected of killing Jamar Taylor.

"You took something precious, and whatever you got coming to you, you deserve it." Said Mathews.

Stathakos is being held at the Clark County Detention Center. He’s facing one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

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