Man sentenced in child abuse death of 7-year-old boy

Kenneth Robinson in court Wednesday morning on a murder charge. Police say he is the man who killed a 7-year-old boy this weekend in SW Vegas. 11/2/16 (Kyndell Nunley | KSNV)

It was an emotional day in court Wednesday as the man convicted of killing his 7-year-old roommate faced a judge for sentencing.

There was hardly a dry eye in the courtroom this morning as the grandparents of 7-year-old Richard Findley, Jr. faced the judge, asking that the defendant be sentenced to life behind bars.

“I wake up into a nightmare expecting Richard to come back. And he’s not coming back because his life was taken,” said the victim’s grandmother, Shandra Findley.

“I don’t know who this guy thinks he is. He’s just a baby, he was a 7-year-old,” said the child’s grandfather Jerry Findley. “I don’t understand how a grown person like that would do something like that.”

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Along with negotiations, the judge granted that request, sentencing Kenneth Robinson to life with the possibility of parole after 10 years in prison.

Robinson admitted to hitting the boy, causing the stomach injury that ultimately killed him. In court today, he told the judge the blow to the stomach was an accident. He also said he tied up the child, before hitting him, to keep him from harming himself.

“After that second pop (hit), he twisted,” said Robinson to the judge. “My intention was to not kill him. Richard suffered from this. I’m suffering from this.”

“This man deliberately tortured and destroyed my grandson,” rebutted the child’s grandfather. “There is no way this was an accident.”

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The judge told Robinson that with child abuse cases, he looks to the child for more information.

“The body of a child tells me a lot more than words,” said Judge Douglas Herndon before handing down the maximum life sentence.

Emotions also ran high after the sentencing as family of Robinson reacted to the ruling. A woman screamed and slammed open the chamber doors as family members led her out of the courtroom.

The child’s mother has also faced charges for his death. She was convicted almost a year ago this past February on three counts of child abuse.

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