Man who sold ammo to mass shooter: 'I didn't even know the shooting had gone on'


A person of interest in the 1 October shooting investigation spoke out Friday in an effort to clear his name.

Douglas Haig’s name was revealed after sources familiar with the investigation identified him as a person of interest in the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

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Haig, who says he works as an aerospace engineer, also had a home business selling ammunition.

The Arizona man admitted to selling tracer ammo to Stephen Paddock, but says he does not believe it was used in the bloodshed.

Haig told a room full of reporters that in the month before the Route 91 massacre he sold the mass shooter 720 rounds of tracer ammunition. When fired, tracer ammunition leaves a trail.

At Friday's press conference, Haig says the shooter purchased the ammunition from his home in Arizona. He says he didn't find anything unusual about the transaction or their interaction.

Haig also says he first heard about the massacre over the phone after receiving a call from the FBI.

"I didn't even know the shooting had gone on. I start work at six o'clock in the morning, and I hadn't even seen the news. When I got the phone call, that's when I found out, when I was talking to federal agents,” said Haig. "I was horrified that this man would do something like that."

Haig has not been charged with a crime. In an effort to keep documents connected to the investigation sealed, a LVMPD attorney indicated that a person of interest may face charges – which would come by next month.

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