Mandalay Bay, Delano add 24/7 security to elevator banks

Mandalay Bay 5-20-2016 (Phillip Moyer | KSNV)

MGM is ramping up security at two of its Las Vegas properties -- Mandalay Bay and The Delano.

This week the hotels began using security guards around the clock at elevator banks leading to guest rooms.

People wishing to use the elevators must show a room key, according to unnamed guards.

MGM Resorts International released the following statement Thursday:

“Security has been and continues to be a top priority at all of MGM Resorts. As always, our team works around the clock to protect the safety of our guests and facilities, and our procedures are always improving and evolving. To that end, we have determined that positioning 24-hour security at the elevator banks improves our surveillance capabilities and enhances security for all of our guests and facilities.”

The changes come after the Oct. 1 shooting that killed 58 and injured nearly 550.

MGM has yet to respond to an inquiry to see if other properties are adding such security measures.

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