Mandalay Bay security guard who confronted Las Vegas shooter is back home, recovering

First look at 25-year-old Jesus Campos. Police say he reached gunman (Paddock) first, and took a bullet to the leg. 10/05/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV) 

A Mandalay Bay security guard being hailed as a hero is back at home tonight.

The family of 25-year-old Jesus Campos says they are humbled by the outpouring of thanks.

Campos, a security guard at Mandalay Bay, first confronted 64-year-old Stephen Paddock on the 32nd floor.

Police say as Campos approached Paddock's door, Paddock fired 200 rounds in the hallway. One of the bullets hit Campos in the leg.

At a news conference, Sheriff Joe Lombardo spoke of Campos' heroism.

"His bravery was amazing ... because he remained with our officers providing the key pass to access to the door and actually clear rooms. His officers demanded he seek medical attention," said Lombardo.

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Off camera, family members say Campos is now recovering at home. They say a bullet still remains in his leg.

On Thursday at another news conference, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak brought up Campos' bravery.

"If for not that a few more minutes would have passed and might have lost hundreds or not thousands of lives," said Sisolak.

Campos' loved ones say he does not consider himself a hero. The 25-year-old security guard stresses he was just doing his job.

Sisolak is grateful for Campos' actions.

"The fear is if we not breached that room, a lot more lives would have, a lot more people would have died," said Sisolak.

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