Marijuana lounges and clubs could soon be reality in Nevada

Nevada Legislature lawyers give green light for local governments to license marijuana consumption lounges. 9/12/17 (Nathan O'Neal)

Marijuana clubs and lounges could soon be a reality in Nevada. Lawyers for the state legislature issued a legal opinion giving the green light for local governments to license consumption lounges as long as they do not sell marijuana on site.

Asia Lemon is a cannabis entrepreneur. She has a vision for what a luxury consumption lounge could look like.

“A place where you’re able to socialize with other like-minded people that enjoy cannabis,” said Lemon.

However, Lemon’s plan has been in the works for a while and stalled by the state.

“We’re really just looking at the preliminary aspects, looking at locations, organizing applications … putting together the people,” said Lemon.

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Legal pot sales started two months ago in Nevada but for millions of visitors, there’s no place to legally consume it since it is outlawed from casino properties.

“You smell it everywhere. You smell the illegalness everywhere,” said Lemon.

This week, lawyers for the Nevada Legislature said in a legal opinion that businesses may “establish and operate a lounge or other facility or event” where marijuana is consumed as long as the product is not sold there. The legal opinion also outlined that cities and counties can license consumption lounges if they decide to move forward with it.

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Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom sees the possibilities.

“It could be buses, it could be hotels, it could be bed and breakfasts, it could be hotels … a little Amsterdam street,” said Segerblom. “Really it's up to the local governments to set what they want.”

As for Lemon, she wants a seat at the table and a shot at opportunity.

“I think it would open up a lot for diversity opportunities but I’m excited about it because it was never about being attached to a dispensary, it was totally about a culture, a dope vibe, dope people,” said Lemon.

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